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Matcha Tea Whisk Set

To make great Matcha, having a great matcha whisk and matcha set is a must. BambooMN offers the high quality matcha whisks, chasens, matcha bowls and whisk holders at incredibly low prices. These matcha accessories will help you whip up the perfect cup of green tea matcha.

Matcha Tea Sets

Traditional Chinese and Japanese tea ceremonies focus on the making, serving, and drinking of matcha tea. Matcha Tea Sets are growing in popularity in the United States and around the world. Matcha 抹茶is a processed green tea. You can find these high quality matcha tea sets for incredibly low wholesale prices right here at BambooMN.com.

BambooMN's high quality Matcha tools make it easy learn how to whip up your own inviting bowl of green tea . Once you whisk your first bowl of traditional ceremonial matcha, you’ll be sold on the green-tea that embodies health, harmony and tranquility.

BambooMN.com offers an incredible line of Tea whisks 茶筅 that can be used for Matcha Tea or for flavoring and coloring foods.

This is the implement used to mix the Matcha powdered tea with hot water. BambooMN Tea whisks are carved from all natural eco friendly bamboo.

BambooMN Carries

  • Bamboo Tea Whisk
  • Chashaku/ (Hooked Bamboo Spoon)
  • Chasen/ Tea Whisk
  • Teaspoon
  • Kuse Naoshi(Whisk Holder)
  • Matcha Tea Set

Why buy BambooMN brand matcha tea whisk?

  • They are durable and won't warp or break easily
  • Essential tool for Japanese Tea Ceremony
  • Flat rate shipping - buy in bulk & save
  • Order by 3pm CST and it will ship the same day
  • Large Variety of Colors to Choose From
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    Chashaku - Sold in 10/30/100 Units

    As Low as $0.8675/Unit; $4.99 Flate Rate Shipping
    Matcha Bowl Set (Includes Bowl & Rest) 1/10/30/100 Sets

    As Low as $9.897/set, $4.99 Flat Rate Shipping