Tier Discount on Qualifying Items

...when you buy any Yarn, Socks, Upholstery Fabric, or Collectibles

When you see an emblem saying, "Bulk discount qualified!" on any listing of our yarn, socks, upholstery fabric, or collectibles, that item qualifies for a tier discount. Depending on how much you need to buy of an item, you can save money and tell your friends you got a deal! Combine your purchases to attain a discount (e.g. buy 4 units of yarn and 2 collectibles to get 10% off). Take a look below at how our discount structure works, for the amount of items you wish to purchase. Get the following percent off, for each corresponding amount:

Tier Table:


2-5 Items


5% off with the purchase of 2-5 units of qualifying items.


6-10 Items


10% off with the purchase of 6-10 units of qualifying items.


11-16 Items


15% off with the purchase of 11-16 units of qualifying items.


17+ Items

Master Buyer

20% off with the purchase of 17 or more units of qualifying items.