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Barber Scissors | Hairdresser Scissors

Do you want an excellent pair of hairdresser shears at an unheard of price? Then it's time took at BambooMN's line of scissors shears. These top of the line barber scissors and made from the finest Japanese Steel. Designed to deliver great control, balance and spot on blade alignment.

BambooMN's Japanese Hair Scissors bring top of the line comfort to the hair profession. BambooMN's line of hair cutting shears are specifically designed for professional barbers and hairdressers. These are the Best Barber Scissors available to buy online and an amazing choice for the professional stylist.

They are also sometimes called barber shears, hairdressing shears, or hair shears. Hair-cutting shears are significantly sharper than scissors, and designed specifically for cutting hair. BambooMN sells shears that range in size from about 5 1/2 to 6 inches.

Thinning Shears

BambooMN also carries specialized type of hair-cutting shears known as thinning shears which used to reduce hair thickness, blend and add texture to hair. BambooMN brand texturing shears have a pair of pivoted blades with teeth on onside of the edge like a comb.

Why Buy BambooMN's Barber and Hair Dresser Scissors?

  • We only import the highest quality steel shears
  • The low prices ensure that you can buy with confidence
  • We Offer Free Standard Shipping on these amazing Barber Scissors
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