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Demdaco Willow Tree

Willow Tree area brand of sculptures started by artist Susan Lordi in the year 2000. The Willow Tree line of figures creates rustic faceless people and angels that commemorate emotions and events like weddings and Christmas Celebrations. The figurines are created from hand-painted resin which are made from Lordi's hand-carved clay sculptures. Creator Susan Lordi partnered with the company Demdaco to produce, market and distribute Willow Tree Figurines. This line of incredible Willow Tree Figures in the form of nativity and ornaments are now available on BambooMN.com.

BambooMN offers wide variety of Demdaco Willow Tree figurative sculptures.

Available in mutliple sets and sculptures.

BambooMN carries

  • Demdaco Willow Tree Nativity
  • Demdaco Willow Tree Ornaments
  • Demdace Willow Tree Figurines

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Nativity Willow Tree Nativity - 26005

Behold the awe and wonder of the christmas story

Our Price: $89.00

The Three Wisemen Willow Tree The Three Wisemen - 26027

They followed a star and found the light of the world

Our Price: $76.00
Shepherd and Stable Animals Willow Tree Shepherd and Stable Animals - 26105

Surrounding new life with love and warmth

Our Price: $72.00
Celebrate Willow Tree Celebrate - 26108

With joyful anticipation

Our Price: $18.50
The Christmas Story Willow Tree The Christmas Story - 26173

Her name is Mary His name is Joseph The Baby, Jesus

Our Price: $93.50
Ox and Goat Willow Tree Ox and Goat - 26180

Offering warmth and protection

Our Price: $25.50
The Holy Family Willow Tree The Holy Family - 26290

A child is born

Our Price: $19.55

Dance of Life Willow Tree Dance of Life - 26462

Sentiment Card Reads: Dancing...Twirling! The magical miracle of life

Our Price: $34.00

Sheltering Animals for The Holy Family Willow Tree Sheltering Animals for The Holy Family - 27160

Giving watch, warmth, protection

Our Price: $42.50

Together Cake Topper Willow Tree Together Cake Topper - 27162

True partners in love and life

Our Price: $27.20

Tree Silhouette Willow Tree Tree Silhouette - 27271

a presence of life and light

Our Price: $27.20
Vigil Willow Tree Vigil - 27538

Luminary of Love

Our Price: $32.30
Spirit of Giving Ornament Willow Tree Spirit of Giving Ornament - 27547

Generosity is your shining gift

Our Price: $13.50
Thank You Ornament Willow Tree Thank You Ornament - 27574

So appreciative of all you do!

Our Price: $13.50
Soar Ornament Willow Tree Soar Ornament - 27577

a time to reflect, a time to soar

Our Price: $13.50
Abundance Ornament Willow Tree Abundance Ornament - 27575

So much love!

Our Price: $13.50
New Life Willow Tree New Life - 26029

Celebrating the miracle of new life

Our Price: $41.00
Mother and Son Willow Tree Mother and Son - 26102

Celebrating the bond of love between mothers and sons

Our Price: $38.00
2017 Ornament Willow Tree 2017 Ornament - 27597

A collection of treasured memories

Our Price: $16.00

Artist Susan Lordi still has a hand in each Willow Tree® sculpture. Using loved ones as models, Susan works to capture a moment or emotion. All Willow Tree Ornaments are cast from Susan's original works, and then hand painted. Soft coloring, emotion, events and people are icons of Demdaco Willow Tree.

Willow Tree started in January 2000. The Willow Tree brand has grown to include sentiments that Demdaco willow Tree Creators most desire to show.

The original inspiration for Demdaco Willow Tree is still going strong: Willow Tree figures are close, relational line of figurative sculptures displaying sentiments and qualities that can bring us closer to others. Each Willow Tree Ornament and Willow Tree Nativity is made with this thought in mind.

Her figures continue to evolve as she identifies emotions so important for us to convey, and renders them in simple, pure gestures. These art forms beautifully express love, closeness, healing, courage, hope... all the emotions of a life well lived.

The name Willow Tree was chosen to symbolize that which is calling to us all. The figures are column like a tree and often carry objects and animals as a symbol for human virtue.

The sculptures are rendered to suggest, simplicity, elegance, serenity and peace. Expressions are made through simple body gestures placement of the hands, a turn of the body, a tilt of the head. Willow Tree Nativity and Willow Tree Ornaments are left for interpretation, which makes them very personal. Demdaco Willow Tree is a subtle line that leaves a big impresssion .

"I try to keep the interpretation of Willow Tree open. I hope this makes it more personal, and allows the viewer to decide its meaning." Susan Lordi The Creator Of Willow Tree.

Buy online before 3PM CST and your order will ship the same day. BambooMN.com offers a large variety of Willow Tree Nativity figurines for you to choose from.