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Bamboo Chopsticks

The Oxford English Dictionary states the earliest published use of the word "chopstick" is from 1699 book Voyages and Descriptions by William Dampier.

The Chinese term for chopsticks is kuaizi (Chinese: 筷子). Which loosely translates to quick bamboo.

BambooMN's Bamboo chopsticks are low in cost and low in temperature conduction and have an excellent grip for holding food. Bamboomn's cooking disposable chopsticks are made from all natural bamboo. These disposable high quality chopsticks are especially perfect use in restaurants or at home.

Why Buy BambooMN's High Quality Bamboo Chopsticks?

  • Made from high quality imported bamboo material
  • Low priced flat rate shipping
  • Order Before 3pm CST and Your Will Ship the Same Day!

BambooMN Carries

  • Traditional Premium Chopsticks
  • Notched or Turned Chopsticks
  • Twisted Chopsticks

BambooMN's natural bamboo chopsticks are perfect for take out. These incredible bamboo chopsticks will bring a fun feel for all occasions. These high quality chopsticks are disposable, eco-friendly and biodegradable! Bamboo Chopsticks are an amazing and low cost approach to disposable cutlery.

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Orders Placed Before 3PM CST Will Ship the Same Day.
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