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Bamboo Drumsticks

Bamboo new bamboo bundle rod drumsticks are test and are ready to be delivered to your door. These 16" specialty sticks that produce an awesomely original tone and have an incredibly unique responsive feel.

BambooMN.com Bamboo Bundle Drumstick Grips Include

  • Rattan Skin Grip
  • Tape Grip

For a drummer, finding the right stick to produce the perfect sound can be a journey. There are many factors that go into ones selection. Bamboo has now become an option for drumstick material. BambooMN now offers a Bamboo Drumstick.

An excellent alternative to wooden drumsticks, bamboo's average growth rate is three to five inches per day. These awesomely fun Bamboo Drumsticks will deliver and original sound to your next concert or recording session. Made from high quality sustainable bamboo early adopters of these buzz worthy sticks are going to love the quality of sound produced.

These awesome and fun Bamboo Bundle Sticks are availible in sets of...

  • 1 pair
  • 3 pairs
  • 10 pairs
  • 30 pairs
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Bamboo Drum Sticks - Tape Grip Bamboo Drum Sticks - Tape Grip

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Bamboo Drum Sticks - Rattan Skin Grip Bamboo Drum Sticks - Rattan Skin Grip

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