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Bamboo Paddle Skewers / Bamboo Paddle Picks

Bamboo Paddle Picks or Bamboo Paddle Skewers add a wow factor to your next cocktail party or catered event!

Why are they called Paddle Skewers or paddle picks? Because they resemble the shape of a boat oar.

They are made from 100% bio degradable bamboo and are disposable. These are high quality sturdy bamboo picks that can be stuck in burgers, appetizers, and entrees. Great for restaurant food presentation. They also feature a square cross section that provides rigidity, and helps to prevent food from spinning on the skewer.

All natural Bamboo Paddle Picks can come blank or pre labeled. Labeled bamboo paddle picks help with food safety by ensuring that restaurant and party guests have accurate information about the food being served.

Buy Pre Labeled Paddle Skewers Online that Say:

  • Allergy
  • GluttenFree
  • Wild Caught
  • Steak Markers: Rare, M Well, Medium, M Rare and Rare
  • Organic

Make Your Own Custom Branded Bamboo Paddle Pick.

Already using a large amount paddle picks? Why not custom brand it! The paddle end can include print with your custom label, logo or company name. All paddle picks purchased though BambooMN will ship brand free unless specifically noted.

Minimum order for Custom Branded Bamboo Skewers is 20,000 pieces

$50 imprint artwork setup
$25 extra per case of 10,000 pieces to be branded

Why buy BambooMN brand paddle picks?

  • We only carry the top tier products to ensure the highest quality
  • Splinter free bamboo paddle picks
  • Available in sizes ranging from 2.75" inches to 11.8" inches long (10.6" & 11.8" come skinless)
  • The wide paddle handle offers easier gripping and handling for larger foods
  • Sharp pointed end make for quick and clean insertion into foods
  • Feature a square cross section that provides rigidity, and helps to prevent food from spinning on the skewer
  • Great for larger appetizers, kebabs, and satay dishes
  • Custom branding avaialbe for an additional fee
  • Take advantage of our flat rate shipping - buy in bulk and save
  • Order by 3pm CST and it will ship the same day
*Alternative names: boat oar skewer, rifle skewer, teppo gushi skewer
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Orders Placed Before 3PM CST Will Ship the Same Day.
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