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Bamboo Pizza & Oven Peels

Bamboo pizza and oven peels are a great kitchen piece for your home or restaurant. Bamboo is tougher than other forms of wood, and a nice alternative to any metal peels which can absorb heat more quickly. Multitask by using them as peels and cutting boards, or hang them on the wall as a decor piece. Cook pizza, various breads, pies, pastries, quesadillas, flat breads and other baked delights with the ease of sliding them right into your oven or onto your flat top grill or griddle.

Benefits of Bamboo Peels

  • Bamboo is denser than traditional wood, while being lightweight and durable
  • Bamboo is a low maintenance material
  • Bamboo is naturally antimicrobial
  • Bamboo is a green, renewable and eco-friendly resource
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