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Tornado Potato Skewers

These are the best potato skewers you can find online. Great for use in deep frying carnival style spiral potatoes and tornado potatoes. They are disposable and bio-degradable. Multiple sizes (12" inches to 36.0" inches long) to fit any fryer. High quality baked potato skewers made from eco-friendly bamboo means that they are smooth and splinter free. These bamboo skewers are semi-pointed and kid safe so food cart vendors can distribute them with confidence.

Disposable bamboo skewers are a great way to cook and present food. These potato skewers have greater flexibility than wooden skewers, and are a must have for any restaurant or street vendor looking to impress.

Soak them in water prior to cooking, and these bamboo tornado potato skewers can be used on the grill or in the oven. These eco-friendly potato skewers are a great alternative to plastic picks.

Bamboo Tornado Potato Skewers are multipurpose sticks and work great for grilling meats, roasting marshmallows or making a Twist Potato.

Bamboo MN skewers are...

  • Made From High Quality Bamboo
  • Smooth No Splinter Round Skewer
  • Comes in a Variety of Sizes
  • The Green Alternative with Low Environmental Impact
  • For use in the fryer, grill or oven

BambooMN.com is the best place online for buying potato skewers for making awesome Tornado Potato Fries! With incredible variety select either short or long potato skewers for your next order. Order by 3pm CST and they will ship the same day.

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