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Bamboo Trident Pick

These Elegant three pronged bamboo skewers resemble the tip of a fishing spear. BambooMN Brand Trident Picks are an absolute must for fondant and fruit. The three point design on these nifty Three Pronged Bamboo Skewers makes it easy to stab and dip finger foods that are longer in length. They make great cocktail forks and are stronger than traditional wooden appetizer forks

The unique, natural look will add a definite wow factor to your party or event. Because they are made from natural bamboo, these Trident Picks are disposable and have less environmental impact than wood.

BambooMN's Line of Trident Picks are 3.5" and have a colored tie around the base. Color options include:

  • Red
  • Green
  • Silver
  • Brown

BambooMN also carries a more traditionally shaped 5.5" in length Trident Fork. These awesomely designed bamboo serving forks are an excellent way present bite sized appetizers and hors d'oeuvres.

Why Buy BambooMN's Line of Bamboo Trident Picks and Bamboo Trident Forks?

  • Unique & Traditional Design at the Lowest Online Prices
  • Fast Flat Rate Shipping
  • High Quality Imported Bamboo
  • Orders Placed By 3PM CST Ship the Same Day
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